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We bring customers a competitive advantage and high added value through cutting-edge IT solutions, products and services.

Company profile

Unicorn is a renowned European company providing the largest information systems and solutions in the field of information technology. In the long run, we focus on high added value and competitive advantage brought to our customers. We have been operating on the market since 1990 and during that time we have created a number of top and extensive solutions, which are widespread and used among the most important companies from various industries. In the field of energy and utilities, we focus on the implementation of extensive information systems in the field of energy market management at the national and international level and on the related field of energy trade. Over the last twenty years, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects for customers in many European countries. We play a significant role in the processes of transformation of the European market towards decarbonisation and sustainable energy. At Unicorn, we are also actively involved in electromobility. Since 2017, we have been developing a comprehensive solution that covers the needs of both electric vehicle drivers and charging station operators. Our solution ChargeUp covers both delivery and maintenance of high quality charging stations and software back-end which allows to remotely control and manage charging stations and at the same time allows electric vehicle drivers to recharge their vehicles at these stations.