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Project Terra Chula a.s.

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Sale of properties on the carribean island Roatán and construction of recreational houses in the residential project Terra Chula Village.

Company profile

Project Terra Chula a.s. is an investment company that finances the residential project Terra Chula Village on the carribean island of Roatán. The project is covered by a Honduranian company Terra Chula Investments S.A. The project Terra Chula Village offers the possibility to buy the properties into personal property and the consequent construcion of the typical houses or construction of more exclusive houses based on individual demands. The island of Roatán offers very interesting appreciation of investment, including real estate renting for tourism purposes.


Czech-Singapore Chamber Of Commerce

ID: 08135142,

registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court of Prague, Section L, Entry No. 71922,

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