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Company profile

Pikatec is a purely Czech technology company. We cooperate with the Technical University of Liberec to develop nanotechnologies for surface protection. We cover everything from development through production to expedition of our products, all these activities take place in the territory of the Czech Republic.

When setting up our company, we have set ourselves the goal of developing the means to protect the paint, wheels and glass of cars. In the first phase we have succeeded in developing a range of Car products for cars.

However, our joint research path with the Technical University of Liberec did not end and after a two-year development, on 22 September 2016, we presented home nanocosmetics called Home, the aim of which is to protect all household surfaces (wood, skin, varnished surfaces, stone …). And so save the time and wallet of those who care for housekeeping. Today we protect various surfaces including ships, airplanes, hotels, industrial utilities up to extreme conditions in water power stations, where we protect turbines. We are specialists in surface protections.


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