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JK Klett

Business activities

Fashion designer – design, production and sale of fashion products and accessories

Company profile

The European fashion brand JK Klett is known for its Ready to Wear collections, which are presented twice a year for the Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter seasons on fashion weeks around the world – from Prague to Dubai up to New York. Her work is known for timeless models created with an emphasis on femininity, elegance, harmony and the creation of her own original prints of fabrics, produced in a limited edition. Currently, you can find the luxury Czech fashion brand JK Klett at two prestigious addresses in Prague, at the Slovanský dům and at the Premium Outlet Prague Airport. The brand has its presence also in France, at the Designer Concept Store in Nice. JK Klett collections are also available on e-store.

The European fashion brand Jitka Klett Couture has over 25 years of experience and is based on a long and deep tradition of creating exclusive, unique and original models using the highest quality materials imported from all over the world. Jitka Klett Couture models, designed by Jitka Klett, are tailor-made creations. Exclusive fashion salons are placed in the center of Prague, on Haštalská Street 9 and in the center of Košice, Mlýnská Street 22, where the newest fashion meets with elegance, femininity and high quality.


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