Company profile

EMP, s.r.o.

Business activities

Development, production, sale and service of electric asynchronous motors and electric pumps

Company profile

EMP s.r.o. has been established in the Czech Republic since 1991. The Slavkov production facility was taken over from MEZ Brno during the privatisation process and the manufacturing of electric motors and electric pumps re-introduced on 1st July 1994. 60 % of its products are exported to the EU or USA.

Manufacturing program:

  • Asynchronous electric motors single – phase, three – phase and special engines according to customer requirements. Power from 120 W to 5 KW, 2,4,6 poles, according to wish. Voltage and frequency as required.
  • Special built-in motors, with embedded winding for water pump.
  • Electric pumps for pumping lubricating and cooling emulsions for manufacturers of machine tools, milling machines, drilling machines and saws.