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Production & Distribution of Eco-Friendly degreasers, decontaminants, deodorisers and fire extinguishers.

Company profile

BAC is a manufacturer and supplier of Eco Sustainable products including non-toxic degreasers, decontaminants and disinfectants. In a few short years, BAC has established itself as the leading brand in delivering custom designed cleaning solutions in line with the philosophy of “going green”, the current trend across all industries heavily supported by governments worldwide. BAC spent decades on Research & Development creating a product line that carries eco-sustainable degreasers, decontaminants and cleaning agents. All products in the BAC portfolio are water-based, eco-friendly & environmentally safe & non-toxic. biodegradable, nonflammable, odourless, non-corrosive and easy to store, transport and handle. BAC Holding products replace widely used chemicals such as particular solvents and detergents that may be in many aspects harmful to the environment. BAC Holding introduces a new technology in industrial cleaning by taking advantage of existing time-proven procedures while eliminating their main weaknesses.